The restoration project of the Oratorio dei Carmini (1648)

The following is a small dossier about the Oratorio dei Carmini, an artifact dating back to 1648, that the Association Sodalitas Cantorum has taken over from the Parish of St. Anthony in Marostica, to bring it back to their original beauty, through a restoration, who recovered the architectural integrity and preciousness of seventeenth-century paintings on the walls and under the vault of the ceiling. As you can see from the texts and especially by the images, it is a page of art and history of our Marostica not yet fully known, waiting for the desk research already started bring back into the light all aspects of note ancient artifact. Work began officially in early March of 2013, they had so far resulted in complete recovery of the paintings, through the removal of the three layers of wall paint that covered them, the first of which was made up of lime; the consolidation of the plaster, clean the walls and the ceiling painted; retouching and finishing figuratively, in the manner technically and stylistically correct; the restoration at the state of art for the stained glass rose window sealed the top of the south wall. From the architectural point of view the artifact was completely healed, consolidated and brought to full functionality, through the reconstruction of the access stairs, covered with marble Red Asiago, the creation from scratch of a toilet, the restoration of the vault, long fall, over the North hall, the structural renovation of the flooring and the finish of two classrooms, a function also of the installation, forthcoming, the underfloor heating and the plant completion. In the meantime, we have taken steps to raise awareness and to contact a number of important public and private institutions, including the the municipality of Marostica; the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference), being the Oratorio dei Carmini an ecclesiastical property, the LIONS CLUB MAROSTICA; some banking institutions like Fondazione Banca Popolare di Marostica; some private companies and individuals, who have shown great interest in our project.
We are confident that we can count many others among the possible meritorious associates and supporters of our Association, with the possibility of adopting the recovery of part of the cycle of paintings or financially support other interventions still important from an architectural and artistic.

For the Association Sodalitas Cantorum
President Prof. Albano Berton