The "Madonnina dei Carmini"

This original statue of admirable workmanship was found during the clearing operations of the Oratory prior to the start of the renovation and restoration works. She was in oblivion amidst the junk, gray from the dust and wrapped up in old gauze… but… patiently waiting for someone to find her to give her back the dignity she deserves. Wonderfully restored, now all visitors can admire its delightful features and the precious pure gold finish that covers its masterfully painted and chiseled wooden body in beautiful embroideries. An immense added value to everything historical and artistic that has so far been brought back to its former glory.

Sodalitas Cantorum

Via Carmini, 6 – 36063 Marostica (VI)
President: Esq. Teobaldo Tassotti

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The Church and the Oratory of the Carmini: the book (IT only)

Here is the cover image of the volume presented to the public on Saturday 23 November 2019, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the construction of the Carmine church (1619).

By clicking on the cover image you will have access to a short excerpt of 5 pages that will give you an idea of the very high quality of the work and the great and patient work done to make it. The volume, in its entirety, has as many as 156 pages.

It is a wonderful and complete work where the Church and the Oratorio dei Carmini are told, which represents one of the most loved assets for the citizens of Marostica, and which the contribution of institutions, associations, companies and families has returned in recent years to its former glory. This publication, the last act of an enhancement project carried out by the volunteers of Sodalitas Cantorum, represents a new opportunity to make this seventeenth-century jewel known to the world, highlighting the civil, religious, social vitality and art of seventeenth-century Marostica.

We are pleased to inform you that the aforementioned volume is on sale at the cover price of € 25.

To buy it, simply send an e-mail to the President of our. Association, at the address